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Does anyone know if any hard money lenders or private lenders that lend only on property LTV?

Yes, there are plenty of hard money lenders that lend based on the strength of the asset and supposedly don't care about your credit.

What you are looking for is a "non-recourse" loan which means that it does not require a personal guarantee and it is only guaranteed by the asset.

I have started to look for hard money lenders to acquire commercial properties and although I used to know of several that used to lend on future value now they are much harder to find due to the current financial crisis. You can still find many non-recourse lenders that wil lend up to 60LTV of purchase price.

I am still searching for one that works for me so I can't give you any specific referrals but a good source that has been helpful to me is the Scottsman guide There is a print version available for loan originators but you can also check it out online. The website allows you to search for your specific needs and location. If you don't find one under residential I would search under commercial as I've run into many commercial hard money lenders that also do residential.

Good luck with your investments!

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